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Present Position  
Senior Fellow
Center for Science & Culture, Discovery Institute
Previous Employment  
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Department of Molecular & Cell Biology
University of California at Berkeley (1995-1998)
Medical Laboratory Supervisor
Northbay Medical Center, Fairfield, CA (1995-1998)
Advanced Degrees  
Ph.D. (1994), Molecular & Cell Biology, University of California at Berkeley (specialization: embryology and evolution).
Ph.D. (1986), Religious Studies, Yale University
(specialization: the 19th century Darwinian controversies).
Icons of Evolution: Why Much of What We Teach About Evolution is Wrong (Washington, DC: Regnery Publishing, 2000)
Charles Hodge's Critique of Darwinism: An Historical-Critical Analysis of Concepts Basic to the 19th Century Debate (Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 1988).
Articles in Science Journals  
"Do Centrioles Generate a Polar Ejection Force?" Rivista di Biologia/Biology Forum 98 (2005): 37-62.
"Elusive Icons of Evolution," Natural History 111 (April,
2002): 78-79.
"Second Thoughts About Peppered Moths," The Scientist
(May 24, 1999): 13.
"Haeckel’s Embryos and Evolution: Setting the Record
Straight," The American Biology Teacher (May, 1999): 345-349.
"Microtubule-mediated organelle transport and localization of beta-catenin to the future dorsal side of Xenopus eggs" (co-author), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 94 (1997): 1224-1229.
"Confocal Microscopy Analysis of Living Xenopus Eggs and the Mechanism of Cortical Rotation" (co-author), Development 122 (1996): 1281-1289.
"Inertial Force as a Possible Factor in Mitosis," BioSystems 17 (1985): 301-315.
Other Articles (Partial List)  
"Whatever Happened to Evolutionary Theory?" World
Magazine 19 (April 3, 2004).
"Homology in Biology: Problem for Naturalistic Science and Prospect for Intelligent Design" (co-author), pp. 303-322 in J. A. Campbell & S. C. Meyer (eds.), Darwinism, Design, and Public Education (East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press, 2003).
"Making Sense of Biology: The Evidence for Development by Design," pp. 118-127 in W. A. Dembski and J. M. Kushiner (eds.), Signs of Intelligence: Understand-ing Intelligent Design (Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos Press, 2001).
"Survival of the Fakest," American Spectator 33 (December, 2000-January, 2001): 19-27.
"Abusing Theology: Howard Van Till’s 'Forgotten Doctrine of Creation's Functional Integrity'," Origins & Design 19 (Summer, 1998): 16-20.
"Issues in the Creation-Evolution Controversies," The World & I (January, 1996): 295-307.
"The History and Limits of Genetic Engineering," International Journal on the Unity of the Sciences 5 (1992): 137-150.
"Charles Darwin on the Teleology of Evolution," International Journal on the Unity of the Sciences 4 (1991): 133-156.
“Darwinism and the Argument to Design,” Dialogue & Alliance 4 (1991): 69-85.
"The Argument to Design in Athanasius and Maximus," Patristic & Byzantine Review 8 (1989), 45-54.
"Charles Hodge on the Bible and Science," American Presbyterians 66 (1988): 157-165.

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